Key Facts Everyone Should Know about Dental Extractions

At A Brush Above Family Dentistry, we make every effort to preserve natural teeth whenever possible. Saving natural teeth helps preserve your oral health and smile. Sometimes, however, it’s just not possible to save a tooth due to extensive decay, damage, or risk to your oral health. In those times, your Chicago, Illinois dentist, Dr. Marcella Guzman, may recommend extraction. Knowing what to expect from a tooth extraction can relieve any stress or fear you may have about this treatment.

Facts You Should Know about Dental Extraction

If you’ve never had a tooth pulled, you may cringe at the thought of tooth extraction. Extraction, however, is a common dental procedure performed by dentists all around the country. Here are some facts you should know about this treatment:   

• Tooth extractions are safe procedures

• Extractions are only done when necessary

• Extractions are not painful

• Blood clots are normal after extraction to stop the bleeding and help your pocket heal

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When is Extraction Necessary?

Some cases where extraction may be needed are: 

  • When your tooth is irreparably damaged by decay, dental trauma, or periodontal disease
  • When teeth become impacted and pose a risk to your oral health
  • To relieve overcrowding for orthodontic treatment
  • To remove primary teeth to make room for permanent teeth to come in

Types of Extractions

There are two types of extraction: simple extraction and surgical extraction. Both are performed under anesthesia, so you feel no pain during your treatment. We’ll perform a simple extraction if your tooth is visible above the gum line. Surgical extractions are performed for impacted teeth. A small incision is made in your gum to remove any bone obstructing your tooth, and then your tooth is removed. 

Post-Surgical Care

We’ll provide you with complete instructions for post-surgical care along with antibiotics to prevent infection and medication to relieve discomfort after your procedure. We recommend eating only soft foods for the first few days after your treatment. With proper care, your socket should heal within a week.

To schedule a consultation for tooth extraction services at our Chicago, Illinois clinic, contact A Brush Above Family Dentistry at (773) 840-0378.

Dr. Marcella Guzman is an admired dental professional

Dr. Marcella Guzman

Dr. Marcella Guzman is an admired dental professional renowned for her unwavering commitment to excellence in patient care, with a rich background in biology and sociology. Since graduating from The University of Illinois Dental School in 1994, she has enhanced her skills through extensive continuing education, specializing in cutting-edge technologies such as Cerec 3-D, sleep apnea, Invisalign, and laser dentistry. Her dedication to staying up-to-date on the latest advancements ensures that her patients receive top-notch care. A distinguished member of The American Dental Association and Chicago Dental Society, Dr. Guzman's wealth of experience, coupled with her compassionate approach, establishes her as a trusted specialist in the field of dentistry.